RM Talk - June 23rd, 2021 - 12:26 pm
Have You Been Worried About Coyotes?
You may remember the “Wily Coyote” from your time in front of your childhood TV. These animals are much more clever than their cartoon counterpart.

Native to North America and a close relative to the grey wolf, coyotes have lived alongside human populations for longer than recorded history.

Since the rise of large urban and suburban areas in once wild territory, the coyote has learned to adapt and thrive due to the unnatural abundance of resources.

Although, most people rarely come into close contact with coyotes due to their elusive nature, they are almost certainly not very far from where you’re sitting right now.

Here are a few facts to help keep you, your family, pets, and the coyotes safe.

Coyotes have mastered the art of urban living.

- Coyotes don’t need much to thrive, they will eat just about anything, insects, berries, rodents, or trash left behind by humans.

Coyotes are naturally shy and generally won't attack people.

-If you do come across a coyote, it is important to “haze” them, make yourself known, wave your hands, make noise. Never Run.

-Do not normalize unwanted behavior around neighborhoods, they will return and increase the risk of conflict for children and pets.

Coyotes are wild predators, not stray dogs.

- From time to time people will mistake coyotes for stray dogs, It's never a good idea to approach a strange animal, call your local animal control department to report sightings. Even if you know it is not a coyote, you should never approach a stray animal.

Never feed wild animals.

- Coyotes naturally maintain rodent populations and have survived in the wild for thousands of years. Providing food attracts rodents, rodents attract coyotes.

-Coyotes naturally control their own populations through territorial conflicts, adding to the amount of available resources by leaving out food or keeping trash unsecured, will allow populations of unwanted animals to get out of control. You may think you're helping the animals, but in reality you’re setting them up for starvation through overpopulation.

Small pets like cats and dogs must be monitored closely when outdoors.

-Leaving pets in yards unattended with food is a recipe for disaster, each year thousands of pets go missing, many are lost due to coyotes.

-Coyotes generally see most pets as competition, especially when resources are low. Leaving food for pets in yards will put your pets at risk.

-Even yards with fences are not off limits to coyotes, they have been known to jump fences as high as 6 feet.

-Remember, trash cans are like fast food for the neighborhood creatures. When you create more to eat, you throw the balance of resources off and attract unwanted attention from predators. Secure trash cans, your pets will thank you.

Overall, there’s no need to fear coyotes as long as you stay aware, and follow the simple guidelines outlined above.


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